Buying May 17, 2022

Hard to Get to Where You are Going Without Knowing Where You Are

“I want to buy a house but I can’t afford to pay a mortgage”

“The market is crazy and everybody is getting priced out”

“I’ll wait for the bubble to burst.”

“I have to work on my credit first”

“I don’t have enough for a down payment”

“I can’t compete”

Have you had any of these thoughts creep in to your mind? Maybe instead of creep, do these thoughts yell at you when you think of buying your first home? How hopeless is it? Are any of these questions even relevant to you today? You will never know if you don’t ask. And this is not a solution that comes from within. This is not something you can take a deep breath on and get the answer to. Asking yourself these questions and looking for a positive response is an exercise in insanity.

So what next?

Ask a professional! Reading headlines, discussing with friends and family in similar situations can lead to a vicious cycle of negativity. And then you’re paralyzed.

Instead why don’t you try this:

Talk to somebody who can give you an actual answer.

Assemble your team to get you what you want. Believe it or not there are people out there whose purpose is to help others get in to homes. People who want to look out for the best interest of their circle and those who choose to reach out.

And yes… I am one of those people.

This starts with a consultation. A conversation. A chat. Don’t worry. This is all about asking you about where you are and setting in motion steps in buying your first home… if that is what YOU want. I’ll use my knowledge as a former mortgage professional to ask you questions about your current financial situation (credit score, debt, savings, income, time in job, etc.). Rest assured that this will be painless and without judgement or prejudice. Through this session I can help you determine your next steps and even connect you with current mortgage professionals who can help you in your qualification process. And this will feel stress-free. One of the superpowers I have honed through my consultative background is gathering information without you feeling “sold to” or like just “the next transaction.” We’re just going to talk. The next steps will be yours to take, but you won’t have to be alone any more. And even better… we can do this via web!

It’s absolutely OK and even healthy to read articles about the current housing market. This is especially true when you are determining whether you will be jumping in to the foray yourself! Just keep in mind that there are markets within markets and have knowledge and experience within these markets is what will be most relevant to you. Let me help with this as your hyper local real estate resource.

Remember… it all starts with a chat. =)

When you are ready to get answers to YOUR questions and want somebody to be in your corner, let me be the first person on your team. Let me help you assemble your team and I promise we will work together for you.


Ready to take that first step? Send me a DM and we will get you going.