More About Me

My purpose is to be a factor in the health and wealth of those around me. In order to fulfill this purpose, I partner with professionals to guide and advise my clients, friend and family to ensure that their overall well-being is taken in to account and prioritized. Real estate is my piece of the puzzle and I wake up excited to serve and play my part. 

Real estate transactions are complex and intimately personal and I treat them accordingly. These tend to be the most financially impactful events in my client’s lives and it is my responsibility to share my professional perspective to ensure that they are informed on their decisions. My ability to engage in conversation, gain trust and understand the local market (yes… local is important) allows me to confidently represent you. 

Every transaction I complete includes a contribution to the Easter Seals of Washington which my team has been involved with since well before I started with the organization. I value small business and have favorites I support throughout the year as well through different events and contributions. Giving back to the community should be built-in to the business of real estate and I am proud to say it is built in to mine. 

My family and I moved to the United States and settled in the Greater Seattle area in the summer of 1998. I had my first personal experience in real estate as a consumer/buyer in 2012 and have been active ever since. In 2016, I made the decision to grow my real estate business and have been helping clients in their own real estate journeys ever since. 

I am a proud father to my daughter Kylie and a dedicated husband to my wife ThaiRy. My free time consists of family time, walks in the neighborhood and movement on either the Peloton or Tonal (yes… that’s where the health focus comes in to play). And then there is travel and food. I love trying new places to eat and have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Europe and Asia and look forward to bringing my daughter the same opportunities as she grows up.


Tagalog, English